"The consignment program has sped up a lot of times, the jobs that come in very fast. We don't have to manage our stock anymore. It's on the floor when we need it. We get jobs out. We have any kind of stock we need. When we need to test jobs, we have the stock there."

Bryan Franklin
Owner, Franklin Press


"As an academic medical center, we've had much success printing on GPA substrates. The range of finishes, availability, and reliability has made GPA one of our go-to paper solutions. Whether we are designing high-end invitations for fundraising events, environmental graphics, or whether we are developing medical tools for flight nurses that require water- and tear-resilient substrates … GPA fits the bill."

Jesse Colby
Senior Graphic Designer, University of Utah


“We printed our company’s holiday card on GPA’s 10 pt. C2S Silver Foil Board with our customers’ names variable printed onto them, and we received rave reviews within a few days of sending them out. I’ve never sent out a holiday card where people actually take the time to call and email us to say how much they loved them, using words like “hit it out of the park” and “fabulous.” GPA helped us to wish our clients peace during the holiday season while at the same time subtly showing off our ability to do VDP on a cool new substrate.”

Amy Callahan
Owner, North Shore Printers


”We get consistent, predictable, results that make the variables go away, and we can go on with our business. GPA saved us from lowering our standards and helped ensure that we continue to produce only the highest quality work for our customers. If GPA hadn’t proposed a solution, we would have had to search the countryside to find a paper and method that would allow us to produce the products we do.”

Pete Deutscher
President, Lorenz Printing

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