4Mil Clear Polyester - Tipped


Product Description

Ultra Digital® Transparency Film lets you add graphic overlays, layered graphics, section dividers and sheet protectors to any publication or promotional materials. This product is a clear polyester that is tipped on a paper sheet and has a solid glue line along the 12" edge allowing for trouble-free printing on HP Indigo presses. Transparency Film is ideal for applications such as graphics overlays, overhead transparencies, book covers, fly sheets, brochure overwraps and when using white ink technology.

Product No: ZSTGV4CTC

Brand :   Ultra Digital
Label Size :
Labels/sheet :
Labels/Box :
Layout :
Brand Description : Synthetics for Digital Presses
FSC Chain of Custody :
Adhesive :
Liner :
Splits :
Caliper : 0.0075
GSM : : 190
Sheets/Ctn : 500
Sheets/Pkg : 100

Price: $0.9677

Quantity:      Sheets (Sold in Full Packages Only)
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