2Mil White Reflective Vinyl TC


Product Description

Ultra Film® White Reflective Film is a great solutions when your project needs to be seen in dawn, dusk or at night. This unique pressure sensitive vinyl has a permanent adhesive, glossy/gray appearance, and a reflective base that reflects light back. Designed for conventional offset presses, this vinyl is best suited for applications where a label or graphic needs to stand out at all times of the day. This product is a non-stock item and may be subject to minimum order quantity and longer lead times.

Product No: PVN9001

Brand :   Ultra Film
Label Size :
Labels/sheet :
Labels/Box :
Layout :
Brand Description : Pressure Sensitive Film Substrates
FSC Chain of Custody : Permanent Adhesive
Adhesive :
Liner :
Splits : 0-Split
Caliper : 0
GSM : : 0
Sheets/Ctn : 250
Sheets/Pkg : 100

Price: $7.6629

Quantity:      Sheets (Sold in Full Packages Only)
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