15ml Wht Hitemp Lightbox Film

Smooth/Smooth Finish


Product Description

Ultra Film® High Temperature Polyolefin is a semi-translucent substrate that will withstand high temperatures that can come from back-lit signs in extremely hot locations. It is made from recycled materials and offers durability and resistance to wear, weather and chemicals. It is printable on offset conventional presses and is excellent for applications including point-of-purchase signage, point-of-sale displays, outdoor lightboxes where the environment dictates high temperatures.

Product No: FPM52840BW

Brand :   Ultra Film
Label Size : Smooth/Smooth Finish
Labels/sheet :
Labels/Box :
Layout :
Brand Description : Non Adhesive Film Substrates
FSC Chain of Custody :
Adhesive :
Liner :
Splits : NULL
Caliper : 0.015
GSM : :
Sheets/Ctn : 100
Sheets/Pkg : 0

Price: $3.0021

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